Get Rid of Stumps in Your Yard

Get Rid of Stumps in Your Yard

We specialize in stump grinding services in the Madison , Brandon & Jackson, MS areas

After a tree is removed, it will leave an ugly stump behind. We'll take care of it. Big John's Tree Service provides stump grinding services as part of our tree removal service. We'll grind the stump down to mulch and make sure the area is smooth and level.

We'll haul away most of the mulch, but we'll leave some behind to fill the hole in the ground. That way, no one has to worry about twisting an ankle.

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Turn to us when you need stump removal

A stump sitting in your yard can cause you a lot of trouble. That's why we'll take of your stump removal after we remove your tree. We will eliminate the stumps in your yard, saving you a lot of stress. You won't have to worry about us removing a tree but leaving the stump behind.

Leaving stumps in your yard can:

  • Promote more tree growth
  • Attract insects and other pests
  • Make mowing your lawn difficult
  • Pose a tripping hazard

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